man in black shorts and black tank top doing push up

What is Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS)?

Weight loss trends come and go, from fad diets to “squat challenges” and other supposed quick fixes that are touted to help you lose weight fast. However, every once in a while, a science-backed technique or workout routine will gain traction due to its actual ability to offer you a solid outcome, so long as you stick to the plan.

That’s the case with LISS, or Low Impact Steady State cardio routines. While it’s certainly not as popular (yet) as its big brother HITT, LISS is a viable way for you to get fitter and begin shedding down on your extra pounds. But, what is it?

It’s like the opposite of HITT. While HITT, or High Intensity Interval Training, pushes you to your breaking point in a short amount of time, usually having you do something like 45 seconds of all out breath-taking labor and then getting a 15 second break before moving onto the next heart-pounding move, LISS as the opposite goal. LISS has you pick a comfortable level of exertion that you can sustain over a long period of time.

This model is proven by science and by trainers around the world. In fact, you already participate in LISS sessions yourself when you go lap swimming, take a long walk, or do any other activity that counts as low-impact exercise that you’re able to sustain for a long period of time. How long that period is will depend on your physical health, your goals, and the activity itself.

LISS isn’t hard on your joints since the exercises are low-impact, like walking or swimming. They are also good for overweight individuals who cannot handle the stress of heart racing routines but would like to slim down and get healthier.

Bicycling is another great example of a LISS activity that you can use to meet your health goals. If you just want to stay active, a comfortable cruising pace for however long (in general, you should shoot for 30-60 minutes or more of LISS exercises each day) can help you stay on track to a healthy lifestyle. Of course, if you are actively trying to lose weight, you’d want to pick up the pace slightly and maybe go for a bit longer each day.

LISS workouts are a great way to maintain your body weight, lose extra fat, and stay active. Plus, they can be super fun if you choose the right activity for you!

In conclusion, Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS) is an effective form of aerobic exercise that can provide a range of benefits when done correctly. It can help improve cardiovascular health, burn fat, and increase endurance. While it may not be as intense as high-intensity interval training, it is still a great way to get in some physical activity and improve overall health. Be sure to speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise program to ensure it is right for you.