Cardio Exercise: What Is the Runner’s High?

Cardio Exercise: What Is the Runner’s High?

If you are around people who are into long-distance running, then you may have heard of the idea of “the runner’s high”. A lot of people have heard of this concept, but most really can’t explain what it is. You may even have experienced it without realizing! Here’s a guide to what it really is and how you can make it happen. What does runner’s high mean exactly? Although running isn’t always seen as a particularly strenuous exercise, at least when compared to exercises like weightlifting, the truth is that long-distance running puts a tremendous amount of strain on your body. During a long-distance run, all the muscles in your legs, calves, and even the muscles in other parts of your body get a massive workout. This is not only tiring but also painful. People who first start out long-distance running usually experience lots of aches and pains after their first few sessions. This is where the runner’s high comes in. See, your body is smart and very adaptive. It can recognize that running long distances is taxing on the body. At the same time, it also recognizes the importance of being able to run long distances. So, your brain…

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