How Often Should You Perform Steady State Cardio Workouts?

How Often Should You Perform Steady State Cardio Workouts?

Steady state cardio generally involves exercising at a constant pace for a reasonable amount of time. For example, think about an hour spent swimming in the pool, or thirty minutes jogging at a consistent pace. What are the benefits of steady state cardio? Although exercises such as HIIT workouts might be more common now than steady state cardio workouts, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t vary your regime every now and then. One of the benefits of steady state cardio is that if you are faced with a fat loss plateau or you feel like you’ve hit a barrier in your path to fitness, you can often overcome it with this form of exercise. If you have been exercising for a while but you aren’t seeing any or many results, you should introduce more cardio into your workout sessions. While weight training is good for losing weight, building muscle and toning up your body, it isn’t the only type of exercise that you should be doing. You can engage your body in steady state cardio without any forms of equipment. Walking, jogging and going up and down the stairs can all be seen at steady state cardio workouts, and you…

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