Exercise & Self Image: How to Feel Better in More Ways than One

A RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP There appears to be an almost magical courting between exercise and a wholesome (or at the least progressed) self-photograph. Research suggests that one of the nice predictors (now not the best one, but one of the fine) of whether someone will attain their health desires is a key issue of self-photo referred to as self-efficacy. Self efficacy is the diploma to that you trust you’re able to manage what you do, and what occurs to you). The better someone’s self-efficacy, the higher their chances of beginning and sticking to an exercising programme. At the same time, one of the most nicely documented psychological effects of normal workout is a marked improvement in self-efficacy. The longer we interact in regular exercising, the higher we feel approximately ourselves. This approach is the better our vanity, the much more likely we’re to exercise, and the extra our self-esteem rises, so the greater we need to exercise… and so on. Although the conclusions are fairly clean, there doesn’t appear to be plenty take a look at of why the connection exists. There are, however, loads of theories. PHYSICAL REASONS Firstly, there are the biochemical results of exercise (see our article on…

How Should Steady State Cardio Make You Feel?

How Should Steady State Cardio Make You Feel?

Steady state cardio probably won’t feel “hard”, and that’s a good thing. Ideally, steady state cardio will make you feel like you can go at the pace forever without stopping. It won’t be making you feel tired or winded because that’s the idea behind steady state cardio: it’s a routine you can continue for 30 to 90 minutes while maintaining a steady pace, steady breathing, and a steady heart rate. The idea behind steady state cardio is that it’s going to increase your endurance and stamina while also improving your heart’s health. That’s right: the more often you use steady state cardio, the more efficient your heart will be at pumping blood throughout your body. Many of us have been programmed to think that cardio is only “working” if we are covered in sweat and left panting and keeled over at the end of our session. While that may be the end result of an insane HIIT session, it should not at all be what it’s like for you after a good steady state cardio session. When you complete a steady state cardio workout, you should feel rejuvenated and even more energized than before. You should be refreshed from the…

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