When the Cardiologist says you have heart disease

When the Cardiologist says you have heart disease

It all started innocently sufficient. I went to my primary care medical doctor complaining of dizziness and a ache in my returned. A short ECG or electrocardiogram revealed a totally excellent and operational heart muscle. Still, being at an age wherein heart disease is taken into consideration a possibility and having numerous multiplied risk factors, my medical doctor decided that a journey to see the heart specialist became in order. After all I idea, how could there be a hassle with my heart? I simply carried several 50 pound packing containers down 3 flights of stairs only multiple weeks in the past. Still, I idea it higher to at least get a baseline so we should degree any alternate as I got older. And the truth that the dizziness failed to leave become still troubling. The subsequent test changed into a treadmill or strain take a look at. Because of the dizziness and nausea however, the heart diagnostic group determined that a chemical strain check become so as. They inserted an IV and took pics of my coronary heart muscle earlier than being pressured. The concept is that they might then place my coronary heart underneath some pressure and spot…

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