Benefits of Steady State

There are a number of benefits to embracing steady state cardio. In fact, you may be surprised, with all the attention that HIIT gets, that more people aren’t talking about steady state.

Faster Recovery

For many, after a few weekly HIIT sessions, you just need a day off. Your entire body is sore, and you need a break. With low intensity steady state cardio, you don’t put your body through the same challenges. Yes, you’re still exercising, but there’s a huge difference physically between sprint repeats and a casual jog.

Easily Accessible

Steady state generally doesn’t require any particularly equipment. You can embrace steady state with your walking or running shoes and head out your front door. You can also head to the gym, find your favorite piece of equipment, and work out for 30 minutes. You don’t have to hire a personal trainer to show you how to do it, and you don’t need to invest in pricey memberships or equipment.


One of the best ways to embrace mindful fitness is through steady state cardio. It can be relatively easy to get in the zone and stay present when you’re not pushing yourself to exhaustion.

Increased Endurance

For many who sit at a desk all day and then embrace a 10-minute HIIT session, endurance is an issue. It’s difficult to go for a several hour hike. You just don’t have the right systems developed to sustain physical activity for more than a few minutes. Sure, you may look amazing, but your endurance isn’t strong.

Steady state helps you increase your endurance, which means you’ll be able to apply that newfound endurance to other activities and pursuits in your life, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, skiing all day, or trying your hand at endurance sports.

Fat Burning

While HIIT is still better for fat burning and weight loss, you can still burn calories and fat with stead state cardio. In fact, you can use steady state as an active recovery day. Active recovery is a day when you are not strength training or working out intensely, but rather than sit on the couch you go out and move your body. You’re not pushing yourself physically, but you’re not sedentary either. Steady state is an ideal active recovery approach and can heighten fat burning and weight loss.

It can also be stated that steady state banishes workout boredom, especially when steady state becomes a part of an overall approach. It’s a fantastic way to get off the couch and get started with an exercise program, and it’s just plain good for your heart and mind. There’s no pressure with steady state. You’re just out moving your body in a low intensity way.

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