A Visualization Exercise on Managing Expectations for Adults with ADD

As adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), we often locate ourselves excited by way of new ideas and plans, but crushed through what it’s going to take to reach the desires.
Many of my coaching clients discover themselves in this example. They make a selection to make a trade – a huge change. Sometimes it’s approximately moving up in the international, like locating a new and better domestic. Sometimes the alternate is ready pursing a dream, like taking a passion for artwork and turning it right into a career. And now and again the trade entails a intellectual shift to grow to be a better person, like mastering to overcome anger.
No depend what big and thrilling exchange is at the horizon, we are able to occasionally find that our impulsivity has us not handiest looking – but watching for – the alternate to show up lots quicker than is genuinely likely. We have unrealistic expectations of what we’re in a position to perform when. When this takes place, sadness, loss of motivation, or even feelings of failure, are pretty common.
When one in every of my clients reveals them self in a scenario like this, I take them thru a visualization exercising that I call "The Temple." The following guidelines will permit you to use this workout in your very own life.
The Temple: A Visualization Exercise
Step 1: Pick the Goal
Pick a aim that you are excited about – a change you really need to make.
Step 2: Relax
Sit back, relax, and near your eyes. Focus in your breath getting in and out, and permit worries and worries to be breathed away…Just for a touch bit.
Step three: Visualize a Temple
Create – in your thoughts – the imaginative and prescient of a stunning, non violent temple. It is your temple, and it may be anywhere. It can appearance any manner you like. Get a very vivid image of this temple for your thoughts.
The temple is your aim. When you reach your purpose, you may attain your temple.
Connect along with your intention. What will it sense like while you attain that goal? Think of the feelings you will revel in. Think about what it’ll sense like to be in that temple.
Step four: Visualize Your Steps
Now consider that your temple is being raised into the sky. As your temple rises, stairs seem. The stairs for your temple are steps to your purpose.
Ask your self, what are the stairs that I want to climb with a purpose to attain my intention? What has to take place in order for me to reach that goal?
Are there any steps on the way for your aim which you have already performed? If so, visualize your self hiking the stairs to your temple.
Step 5: Check-in With Yourself
Do this exercise on a ordinary foundation. Each time you take a step towards your purpose, visualize yourself climbing a stair on your temple.
Understand that some steps will be clean to climb, and a few might be a touch harder and will take extra time. Even even though it may seem like you’ve got been working a long term and no longer getting anywhere on your goal, do not lose sight of the fact that if you are mountain climbing the stairs, then you definately are making progress.
When you get impatient and frustrated about your development, remember the fact that life in itself is a journey. Growth and personal progress don’t appear within the temple, they occur at the way to the temple.

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