Will Steady State Cardio Build Muscle?

Will Steady State Cardio Build Muscle?

Are you looking to build muscle? If you are deeply tuned into the muscle building community, you have probably heard the tale that cardio is the absolute worst enemy to your gains. People tout that, with cardio, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to pack on the lean pounds. So, why would you consider steady state cardio?

Although steady state cardio in and of itself won’t contribute to significant muscle building, let’s clear up the myths. Those who say cardio is going to kill your muscle gains don’t know what they’re saying- or rather, what they should be saying is that improperly planned cardio has the potential to kill your muscle gains.

The myth stems from the fact that, yes, if you do cardio, your body may end up eating away at your lean body mass as its primary source of energy once all the immediate reserves from your most recent meal have been depleted. But, if you eat the right diet, which should include a pre and post workout meal, you can avoid the muscle-eating effects of a cardio workout and actually experience some huge benefits!

Steady state cardio can be an important part of your muscle building routine. Not only is steady state cardio less likely to cause your body to dip into your muscles for energy, since it’s lower intensity and puts less stress on your body, it’s also going to up your post-workout recovery time and it may even directly promote muscle building.

Although steady state cardio alone won’t cause you to bulk up, the right types of steady state cardio can promote healthy muscle growth while helping to shed off the extra fat that’s hiding the muscles you do have. Steady state cardio routines, which include walking, jogging, and biking, can be used to help you lose those extra pounds of fat while stimulating muscle growth in the areas you target.

You probably know by now that you can’t “spot reduce” (i.e., when you start losing fat, you’re going to lose it everywhere no matter what part of your body you’re working out). But, you can spot tone. This means you can target a muscle group to build up, but you can’t target a fatty area to slim down. Your body simply doesn’t work that way.

So, steady state cardio is a great way to lose fat off your entire body while also promoting the growth of your targeting muscle groups. It’s a win-win!

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