Is There Such a Thing As Steady State Cardio Bodybuilding?

Is There Such a Thing As Steady State Cardio Bodybuilding?

The title really says it all. If you are trying to build muscle, it’s a simple fact that you need to incorporate cardio into your routine so that you can shed fat while building up your lean body mass. However, you have to choose your cardio routines carefully to ensure they are eating away at your body building process.

The solution? For many body builders, steady state is their go-to type of cardio for multiple reasons. Number one, it is moderate intensity and recovery is rather fast compared to high intensity workouts. It’s also great for those who do not have the endurance or energy to do a HIIT routine, and it’s also super simple to make up and commit to a steady state routine. Moderate intensity is usually favored among body builders for all of these reasons and more.

However, the main reason why you may want to consider steady state over other types of cardio is because it will help protect the work you are putting into building muscle up on your body. You probably already know the importance of eating enough nutrients to be sure that your body isn’t dipping into the nutrients stored in your muscles. But, when you do HIIT training, you put yourself at a higher risk of using your muscle’s stored nutrients to supply your body with what it needs to fuel your workouts.

Moderate intensity, on the other hand, requires less fuel and puts less strain on your body. That means you get the benefits of a heightened heart rate and good calorie burn without taking on the big risk of your body pulling much-needed nutrients from your building muscles. Just be sure that you are still calculating your calorie input and output accurately and that you are getting your pre- and post-workout drinks in to fuel your body.

With all of these things considered, you too might decide to make steady state your go-to type of cardio for helping you shed fat while allowing you to still work hard and go full force with your body building routine. If you do, keep in mind that you have plenty of options for a steady state cardio routine. Keep things moderate intensity and mix things up so you’re always challenging yourself. And, be sure to warm up and cool down appropriately.

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