4 Reasons to Do Steady State Cardio

4 Reasons to Do Steady State Cardio

Looking for motivation to give steady state cardio a try? Read on.

1 Faster Recovery

Far too many people forget one essential part of their workout: the recovery process. If you are going hard, you might be able to get your cardio done in less time thanks to interval training, but if you aren’t giving yourself enough time to recover following your hard workout, you may actually be impeding your progress.

Steady state cardio, on the other hand, allows you to recover more quickly, which helps your body build muscle, get stronger, and ultimately get healthier.

2 Keep Your Muscles

You’re risking muscle mass loss if you are eating a low calorie diet and depriving your body of nutrients, and then going to the gym and dosing out bursts of energy. When your body isn’t getting enough nutrients from your diet and you’re putting this strain on it to perform, it will automatically go to your muscles for that nourishment.

With steady state cardio, its moderate intensity and doesn’t take as much toll on your body. Of course, you still need to be getting plenty of nutrients!

3 Burn More Calories

Steady state cardio allows you to go for long periods of time at a steady yet challenging pace. That means you’ll probably end up burning more calories when you consider just how long you can go cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, or doing whatever activity you have decided on. The steady state of exercise will also help you burn calories more efficiently.

While the calorie burn following your workout won’t be the same as that which follows high intensity workouts, the fact that you’ll recover faster will help you continue to be more active throughout the day, also aiding with your calorie burning process.

4 Build Up Your Aerobic Fitness

In addition to helping you burn calories and lose weight, steady state cardio is also particularly good at helping you build up your aerobic fitness. In other words, you’ll find your endurance greatly increasing once you begin practicing steady state cardio on a regular basis. That’s great news for anyone who likes hiking, walking, or in general just knowing that they can be active for longer at a moderate intensity.

This is compared to high intensity workouts where you leave endurance out of the picture all together, usually doing high intensity moves for 2 minutes or less with a break in between. Steady state helps you build up the endurance you need.

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